WeConnect is a collection of charities active in and around Maidenhead working together to make life better for everyone.

The Brett Foundation is supporting WeConnect with its administration and by joining together charities' activities.

Our main objective in supporting WeConnect is to help people who are lonely, isolated or feel left alone to cope with problems that often seem too difficult to overcome. you can visit the website here:


Getting Out/ Healthy Activities


The website features a range of free activities for people to do in the Maidenhead area.

It is mainly aimed at people who cannot afford to get out or have no one to go with. There are details on the website pages of how to sign up / attend each activity. 

Healthy Activities Page

Getting Out Page

General Support

The website also features a general support page. It is mainly aimed at people who are struggling with the cost of living or who feel vulnerable or isolated. 

General Support Page

What's on

We have added a 'what's on' section to the website which will feature regular weekly events that people can attend but also free events for people in the upcoming months. 

What's On Regular Events

What's On This Week