Homeless Shelter

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Overnight Shelter

We seek to provide a Winter shelter for people living on the streets.

It is a warm place where people can sleep overnight. We provide sleeping bags and pillows, food in the evening and morning and refreshments throughout the night.

The shelter will be supervised by a paid professional. Everyone else volunteers their time.

There are a number of conditions for people to use the shelter to ensure everyone is safe, themselves, other people seeking shelter and all our volunteers. These include making sure that no one comes into the building who is under the influence of drink or drugs, no drugs or alcohol is allowed on the premises, all personal belongings must be kept in a separate locked room until leaving the shelter the next morning.


We can only run an overnight shelter if we can find premises.

If you are an organisation with space that we can for an overnight shelter once a week or more, please email Lauren Webb at laurenwebb@inclusivity.world


We are looking for volunteers to help once a month with any of the following:

To volunteer once a month to help us run the shelter, please email Lauren Webb at laurenwebb@inclusivity.world


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