Gift-a-Room scheme

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How to Help Refugees

Refugees are asylum seekers who have been granted asylum. Once granted, refugees are given around seven days to leave their accommodation, nowhere near enough time to find somewhere to stay. Many newly evicted refugees end up living on the streets, completely ill-equipped for the temperatures or harsh conditions they face.

The Gift-a-Room Scheme provides support for hosts to offer a room to a refugee living on the streets. Under the scheme, the offer is valid for a maximum of two months. This should be enough time to allow them to register for social support, to look for work and to find somewhere to rent. Under the scheme:

How to Host

Hosting refugees can be as rewarding for hosts as it is invaluable for the homeless refugees they have help.

We set out the terms of the stay, including the date by which the stay will end and any specific terms you want to include. We carry out some basic vetting of you and your potential refugee for everyone's safety and let you know what checks were carried out before you decide whether to proceed. We arrange for a mentor to overview each stay. And we will arrange English lessons for the refugee. 

For more details about the scheme or to offer a room to a refugee, email Lauren Webb at

How to Donate

Many people want to help refugees but are unable to offer a room. If you want to support the scheme by donating money instead, you can do so by clicking the button below